FaZe Clan Reveal Training of KSI with MMA Fighter FaZe Sensei

FaZe Clan Reveal Training of KSI with MMA Fighter FaZe Sensei

Sunday, February 4, 2018

9:05 AM

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Following the conclusion of the KSI vs Joe Weller boxing match, esports organization and YouTube content team FaZe Clan released a video showcasing the training regime ‘behind the win’ of KSI.

The bout took place on the evening of Saturday 3rd February, and attracted a huge viewership, hitting over a million concurrent on the YouTube live streams as the two stars took to the ring.

The fight lasted only three of the six scheduled rounds, with KSI punishing Joe Weller to the point of requiring the referee to put a stop to it, as his opponent looked completely out of the contest.

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Shortly after millions watched the fight go down, FaZe released the behind the scenes footage of KSI in training. He had been putting in the gruelling hours with FaZe Sensei, real life MMA fighter Isiah Ocasio.

Clearly the training paid off, as Joe Weller was simply not a match for KSI, who looked comfortable and in control throughout the entire three rounds.

You put in the work bro! You didn’t cut corners. pic.twitter.com/JPdwDuJc0q

— Isiah Ocasio (@FaZe_Sensei) February 3, 2018


The video put out by FaZe, recaps the victor’s transformation from YouTuber to in shape boxer. The 26 minute long piece documents the trials and tribulations of KSI’s training, clearly showing he wasn’t taking the fight lightly.

MMA fighter Isiah “Sensei” Ocasio came into the FaZe Clan fold after striking friendship with Co-founder and Owner Temperrr, and also trained him for a time.

You can watch the full video below from FaZe Clan, outlining the intense training ahead of the bout.



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