Which U.N. sponsored event is observed May 15 each year?

Which U.N. sponsored event is observed May 15 each year?
– Global Food Appreciation Day
– International Clean Water Week
– World Medical Care for All Day
– International Day of Families

International Day of Families

The United Nations observes International Day of Families each year on the 15th of May. The day is dedicated to promoting awareness of the family as the basic unit of society. It provides an opportunity for communities to address issues related to families, including social, demographic and economic factors affecting them. Popular activities for the day include workshops, conferences, television and radio programs, newspaper special articles and cultural programs specifically related to local communities. Source: UN.org

United Nations
The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization tasked to promote international cooperation and to create and maintain international order.

Secretary general: António Guterres Trending
Founded: 24 October 1945, San Francisco, California, United States
Headquarters: New York City, New York, United States
Official languages: Arabic; Chinese; English; French; Russian; Spanish;
Founders: United States of America, Syria, India, United Kingdom, MORE
Subsidiaries: United Nations Security Council, UNESCO, MORE

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